While attending college for fine arts and graphic design, Sarah connected with a shamanic chiropractor that introduced her to holistic health, chiropractic, massage and energy medicine. On her journey toward improving all parts of her life, she became more interested in natural remedies. Inspired by her own transformation, Sarah realized she wanted to influence the betterment of others more directly and moved her to pursue a career in therapeutic massage.

Continuing on her path, Sarah found that many energy modalities, while effective in some ways were incomplete, took a long time to apply and to get notable results. While initially hesitant to  try energetic modalities, she noted that her greatest successes came from using them. After a short introduction to Reiki, Sarah learned of the surprisingly efficient Yuen Method and was immediately taken by the quick shifts it provided.

Amazed by the efficacy, ease and speed of the improvements gained, she evolved her business to use Yuen Method for personal and business consultations. Sarah found herself unlimited in her capacity to assist her clients, friends and family members in improving all aspects of their lives. This has lead to great success in improving the quality of  her clients relationships, careers, life purposes, finances, health, aging and fitness.