To set up the date and time for your session call Sarah at +1 (727) 492-7807 or email her at

Because sessions vary by individual you may have your entire one hour session at once or divide it into two, 30 minute sessions.

You can decide what is best for you during the session. After your initial session you’re welcome to set up a shorter follow-up session of 15 minutes to further improve any issue you previously addressed.

One hour session – $325 USD


The option below is only available after you have completed a one hour session.

15 Minute Follow- up – $85


Three Session Package (3 hours + Free 15 Minute Follow-Up) – $975 (A $1,060 Value)


A friendly reminder that you are paying for Sarah’s time with you and no refunds are given for any reason.

By purchasing your session you automatically agree to the “No Refund Policy.”

Sarah makes rescheduling your appointment easy and will do everything possible to accommodate you.

No-shows happen! You might forget you have an appointment or have an emergency to tend to.

There is no penalty for first or second time no-shows; however, if you no-show to your appointment 3 times you forfeit the full cost of your session.

By purchasing your session you automatically agree to the “No-Show Policy.”