What types of problems can the Yuen Method address?

Yuen Method addresses weaknesses in each of the six levels of consciousness (physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological, spiritual.) It addresses every types of problem you can think of that affects all types of relationships, health, wellness, fitness, aging, finances, purpose and career, business success, artistic performance and sports performance to name a few.

The long-reaching application of the Yuen Method truly has infinite potential and zero limitations.

What happens during a consultation with Sarah? What can you do to prepare? What can you expect?

Before your session it will be useful for you to compile a list of the things that are bothering you. Sarah recommends you start with a list of five issues to start with. (You can add more as time allows.) This first step will assist you in establishing a baseline for what’s going on in your life before the session. Then, at the end of your session you’ll be able to look back at your problems and have more noticeable improvement.

You can email the list of issues to Sarah before your session or she will make notes about what you mention in the beginning of the session.

Long explanations are not necessary; she is trained to know what to do and wants to use your time efficiently. During the session Sarah will determine the root source (or leading weakness) of your problems for you strengthen them. Then, she will ask you to check in with yourself and feel if your problem seems the same or different. She will direct you on how to do this yourself. You won’t have to think too much about your problem, the feeling will give you a quicker, more accurate response.

If your response is the same, Sarah will continue to delete weaknesses as they come up until you get to the point that you perceive a change and notice the difference. If your first response is different, she will move on to the next problem on your list.

Sarah will do her best any answer questions you have during the session.

She is certain to provide a non judgmental, safe environment that will facilitate your improvement and assures that discussions occurring during a session are confidential.

How can I experience the Yuen Method personally?

Aside from private sessions, Sarah offers in-person seminars, webinars, teleseminars and teleclinics. Be sure to check the Events tab above.

She also recommends you connect with Dr. Yuen’s seminars at…

Does Dr. Yuen himself teach in-person seminars?

Yes. However, because Dr. Yuen now primarily works over the telephone, in person events are rare.

Dr. Yuen formulated the Yuen Mastery Certification Program in order to make Yuen Method seminars more accessible to people around the world via his Certified Masters like Sarah.
If you’re interested in attending a seminar or inviting Sarah to hold a seminar in your city, feel free to contact her here.

Can anyone learn this technique or is it necessary that I have a background in health care?

Absolutely anyone can learn how to strengthen his or her own weaknesses using the Yuen Method. People from all different backgrounds connect to their own insights as a result of attending or listening to seminars. There are medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors as well as lawyers, school teachers, stay-at-home moms, artists, dancers, musicians and people that have no previous experience in any field related to Yuen Method whatsoever.

The natural ability to strengthen our own weaknesses is inside of each and every one of us already. You possess the infinite potential to become your own self-master; you just need to access it. Yuen Method simply shows you how to connect to your own intuition and insight and use it on demand like any tool you might have in a toolbox.

Of course, much like working out only once will not keep you fit for the rest of your life, utilizing Yuen Method to strengthen your weaknesses is not always a one time deal. Fortunately, it is something that can be done effortlessly, regularly, and most of all extremely quickly and effectively. So, no matter what your training or background is you will are likely to experience significant benefits as a result of using the techniques.

Can I utilize the Yuen Method to strengthen my own weaknesses, the weaknesses of others, the weaknesses of animals?

Absolutely! People use Yuen Method for a number of reasons. You can use it for yourself and for any other being. Anyone can benefit, your family, friends, pets and strangers alike. You can assist anyone in deleting their suffering.

It doesn’t stop there, though, or you can use Yuen Method to ensure success in your business or workplace, strengthen your financial outlook, lose weight, find love, harmonize your relationships, and much more!

How is the Yuen Method different from other energy techniques?

Contrary to what many believe, energy does not possess its own intelligence. Energy by itself cannot uncover what weaknesses need to be strengthened so as to benefit a person’s state of wellbeing. While positive intent has it’s merits, applying energy towards another person without knowing how to use it specifically doesn’t always mean that it will benefit them. One must be precise, accurate, and completely holistic (considering all levels of consciousness and our Body-Mind-Spirit connection) in order to yield immediate, perceivable and observable results.

This is exactly what the Yuen Method accomplishes all without any type of physical contact whatsoever, which differs completely from other well-known practices that involve physical contact such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage and reiki. (Though it is acknowledged that reiki can be done at a distance, it still doesn’t give a complete array of improvement when compared to Yuen Method.) Although these and countless other techniques can yield favorable results, we are confident that the Yuen Method technique provides the quickest and most precise, comprehensive results due to its consideration of all levels of consciousness.

How is the Yuen Method different from Qigong?

Qigong has been practiced since ancient times as part of the Chinese martial arts and is one of the oldest “healing” techniques known to mankind. Yuen Method both incorporates aspects of qigong and goes beyond its limitations by working immeasurably faster and more precisely.

While qigong attempts to harness as much energy as possible in order to change the whole person in general, the Yuen Method quickly and precisely directs energy in order to make changes in the cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels of the individual in addition to addressing the nonphysical components of our being.

How soon can I expect results and how long can I expect the results to last?

Results depend on several factors. During a session the immediate result you will find is when you’re asked if you feel the same or different about your problem. The moment you realize it is different, meaning improved, it is considered a result. This result is pretty immediate.

But let’s say you have a weight reduction goal, are wanting to regrow hair, or are strengthened to increase finances. These things will take a bit longer to have an outward manifestation in your life and may require some “upkeep.” How long, how much and what type of improvements are required to uphold the previous improvements depends on the individual’s weakness and strengths.

In short, some issues are strengthened and stay strong indefinitely. Some require more attention and improvement.

Will the technique work even if the client is skeptical?

Yes! Because Yuen Method, works at the quantum level beyond the conscious, subconscious, and nonconscious levels of the mind, results are completely unaffected by either the view of skepticism, preconceived ideas or belief systems.

Even if one insists those are a problem, the weaknesses for this can be strengthened so that the reaction of skepticism will not negatively impact the benefits of the results.

Belief about whether Yuen Method works or not does’nt impact the results it achieves. In fact, many people who get the best results have no expectations that it will! This may seem counterintuitive, but it embodies the notion of neutrality, which is vital when utilizing Yuen Method.

Is Yuen Method anything like faith healing? Is it related to any specific religious belief or faith?

Absolutely not. Yuen Method has nothing to do with any specific type of religious beliefs or faith. Results are achieved regardless of anyone’s religious or ideological beliefs. Dr. Yuen himself neither believes nor disbelieves the insight the Yuen Method provides regarding the true origin of our problems, regardless of how startling the causes may sometimes seem.

The technique simply reveals the origins of the problem and strengthens the weaknesses responsible for the physical manifestation of this problem. Transcending religious belief and faith.

Are the results obtained from the Yuen Method ever the results of the placebo effect?

From our collective experiences over the years, we can confidently state that we believe the placebo effect has absolutely no impact on the results Yuen Method achieves. We will certainly agree that people can vary in their sensitivity to energetic shifts, creating a spectrum of differing results different people but the placebo effect does not have anything to do with this as many who achieve the best results have little to no expectations (i.e. those who are neutral) and have not built up their expectations so much that those expectations come to overtly influence their thoughts and actions (i.e. those who are not neutral).

Another reason we are confident that this phenomenon is not the result of the placebo effect are the indisputable results that Yuen Method obtains for animals and babies. When a dog limps in and races out; when a congested cat stops wheezing in a matter of seconds; when a baby is teething but suddenly stops fussing, you are not relying on any type self-evaluation (which can be heavily influenced by the placebo effect.)
Instead, you are relying on purely measurable, visually observable results.

Another method of disproving the placebo effect is to strengthening the weaknesses of a friend or family member unknowingly (for example someone who experiences chronic physical pain), then asking them later how they felt. Of course these are not scientific proof per se; however it is these types of results that are consistently achieved time and time again for people all over the world, even when facilitated by people in other parts of the world, which certainly provide more than ample results to reinforce our case. And that’s what you should look for and even demand for yourself as well, results… Nothing less.

Can there be any negative side effects or adverse reactions?

Patients rarely if ever have side effects or feel worse after a treatment. Some people do appear to be more sensitive to energetic shifts than others, which can result in temporarily intensified sensations. As mentioned, these cases are beyond rare and it certainly is not a reason to prevent you from experiencing Yuen Method for yourself. Even reactions themselves can deleted via strengthening of the corresponding weaknesses!

Sarah has not experienced any adverse effects herself. However, if after a session with her you “feel a little off” be sure to contact her immediately so she can ensure you are feeling completely strong.

Can pregnant women use the Yuen Method safely and effectively?

Yes. Yuen Method is safe for use by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. In fact, Yuen Method can even be utilized to strengthen any unknown weaknesses affecting a mother and an unborn child. Yuen Method can be utilized to strengthen you to any countless number of life situations to ensure your success.

This is of course not restricted to, but most certainly does include facilitating the safest and easiest birth experience for both the mother and the child, providing your child with the strongest, healthiest start on life.

Sarah herself employed Yuen Method’s techniques during her own pregnancy and had quite a calm pregnancy experience. Her daughter was born completely healthy as well.

I am interested in using homeopathic remedies, but am unsure which one to use, do you have any additional information that can help me decide?

The homeopathic remedies are most effectively utilized under the guidance of Dr. Yuen or a Certified Master. The reason for this is that they are best used when selected in relation to the root source of your weaknesses as opposed to by the physical symptoms or name alone.

Homeopathy or homeopathic remedies are really energy remedies. They have been rightfully accused of being “remedies with no physical substance.” That is the point! If they were physical substances they would not be energy remedies, they would be pharmaceuticals.

These energy remedies contain only a few molecules of the physical substances. Homeopathy means like treats like. True homeopathics are based on a dilution factor denoted by a decimal potency of “X” (10) or the centesimal potency of “C” (100.)
The body does not utilize mega doses but rather takes what it needs and eliminates the rest. Homeopathic remedies are an effective form of therapy and work extremely well in conjunction with Yuen Method’s techniques.

This may seem confusing or even counterintuitive at first, but with knowledge of Yuen Method this concept makes more sense.

If you find yourself unsure of which remedy to use, by all means contact Sarah directly (insert link to contact) and she will make a recommendation that best suits your individual need.

Neither Yuen Method nor Sarah endorse or use any products that have been tested on animals.

Please seek the expertise of a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease. Homeopathic remedies are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine.

For additional information about individual homeopathic remedies, please visit www.yuenmethod.com/homeopathics.