A consultation with Sarah assists you with any kind of problem you have and it does so quickly and effectively. People tend to think that in a session they have to go into great detail about what bothers them in a particular situation. Not so! The fewer the details that are shared the better. In fact, Sarah’s skill in being able to zero in on the weaknesses that are affecting people and situations has her move quickly from issue to issue with swift speed and precision just as if she were deleting malfunctioning programs from your computer.

Unlike conventional methods that take a great deal of time to get you results, the techniques Sarah acquired from her YUEN Method Mastery Certification training ensure that you notice immediate shifts and results within one session.

Deleting a lot of weaknesses from a people and their situation is liberating allows them to see things in a new light. Frequently, clients who want to delve deeper and eliminate other things surrounding the original situation will schedule follow up sessions.

However, not all clients go this route and the experience varies per individual.
It is important to note that the subsequent sessions address other weaknesses and that certain problems don’t necessarily “come back” but simply need to be strengthened from other angles.