You are a wonderful example of how well the Yuen Method works! Several areas have shifted for me–More energy, improved motivation, and better relationships! I’m so grateful for your knowledgeable intuitive help. Thank you, thank you! L.W. Arkansas USA,
My husband, teenage son and I were having a lot of problems getting along. I was having trouble seeing eye-to-eye with my husband who is from a different country and a completely different culture. He had the tendency to get angry, blow up and become intimidating whenever he became upset which was not solving any of our problems. On top of that, my teenage son was starting to behave like his father and I felt helpless. During my session with Sarah the load started getting lighter and things about my situation stopped bothering me as much. Things are more peaceful around the house now and recently we even went on a family outing. Apart from some little things it was a great day!
A.O. Zurich, Switzerland
After some difficult times I have found myself living back at home with my parents and two adult sisters. Even though we are family it is sometimes hard to have so many adults about in the same space. My mum had always been somewhat of a complainer and also super critical, making comments about the food if she hadn’t made it herself. I talked about it with Sarah and the next day I noticed my mother was like a new person. She was polite when I made dinner and said, “thank you, this is delicious.” I could not believe my ears!
 F.H., North Ireland
I studied to be an engineer and I loved my experience as an intern. When I got my first real job I was delighted that it took me across the country and I was excited about my new adventure. While I truly loved my new city, I soon realized my job was not at all like my amazing intern experience and it was most definitely not my dream job. My main boss was under experienced and many of his responsibilities were handed down to me. I also struggled with the dynamic between my bosses and my coworkers who did not follow proper protocol. My first session with Sarah certainly made a positive impact and I was able to deal with things better. At the same time, I wanted more out of my career and I decided I wanted to live closer to my family. After another session I took more action and applied to other jobs. Just a few months later I found a position at a new company on the same coast as my family but in a different state. As I told Sarah in our session I wanted to be closer but not too close!

I find my new job more satisfying. I get paid more and I get to work and travel to new places. They also invest in extra training for me which I love. My new company appreciates me a lot! I absolutely recommend Sarah!
B.N. North Carolina, USA

In my younger days I unwittingly made a series of bad investments. Several companies put me in a losing position, we lost the investments of others and it damaged my reputation and good standing with them. This brought me years of difficulties and anxiety. The session with Sarah made me calm about those past troubles. I have new business ventures underway and am looking forward to a brighter future.M.U. Berlin, Germany
I am currently in my 60’s and had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. I also had lots of pain in my feet and was told it was arthritis. My Doctor recommended several different medications but I have always preferred any natural route I could take. I spoke with Sarah about my health concerns and how I thought the stress from my work as a public school teacher was affecting my blood pressure. I immediately started feeling better. The most amazing thing that happened was when my feet stopped hurting right away! She did some things related to my work and I adjusted my diet until my next Doctor’s appointment. He had the same tests run and not only was my blood pressure back to normal but so was my blood sugar levels. It was such a relief.
M.H. Florida, USA
I listened to Dr. Yuen’s 5 week long teleseminar for Diet and Fitness and started making small changes in my life that I apply on a daily basis. I contacted Sarah for some extra support and I have effortlessly lost 10 lbs. in the past three months. I always used to struggle with my weight and it would be up and down constantly. I also used to want to eat sweet things every day. Dr. Yuen’s teleseminar and Sarah made me strong to not wanting sugar. I still enjoy sweets sometimes but it doesn’t have a hold on me like it once did. I like my body so much more these days!
 R.G. Florida, USA
My left ankle gave me a lot of problems after it was injured in a car accident. As a result, balance poses using my left leg were almost impossible. In class I would wobble all over the place and I could hardly stay up for any length of time. Sarah strengthened my ankle and me while I was doing some poses and I was able to hold them longer and more easily right away. I was amazed! Thank you Sarah! It was fun!Y.S. New York, USA
Thank you, Sarah for a remarkable healing session! This morning was the first time that I awoke without palpitations and panic. What a gift to breathe and be free.
The lymph node on my right side neck was totally gone by the evening. The self- defeating limitations have lifted. Amazing! You are highly gifted and highly recommended! Bless You!”
R.A. California, USA